Monday, 30 January 2012

Resolute Monday: Music clutter & Nik naks

I have been distracted by the idea of decluttering my CDs and I figured there must be a better way to make use of this unit.  It is usually pretty full of my CDs but I am having a sort though and hoping to make a few pennies via Music Magpie.  I remember someone saying you should never get rid of any of your music collection, it is sacrilege.  But if you haven't listened to something in ten years what does that tell you? And you can always download these days, JJ prefers to have a CD in his hands but I love downloading. Anyway,  this unit has always annoyed me.  The shelves are too deep for CDs really and today I found some fab boxes that are just the right size to fit the shelves and be home to assorted nik naks that are homeless - envelopes, scissors, sellotape, etc...because decluttering is half the battle and finding a place for everything to live is the other half.

I thought maybe the boxes looked a bit dark , but with the jazzy labels I think it looks Ok. I know the labels are wonky, my haste to complete this part of the project. It's a bit sad but I keep going into the room to look at it.

I've been utterly gripped by another idea today.  I went onto Amazon to buy a book and (not for the first time) saw an advert for a kindle.  JJ even offered to get me one for Christmas and I declined.  Couldn't see the attraction, the books are cheaper to download but not always significantly so. Now I want one! Really badly.....also not buying any more novels would not add to the clutter, you can follow my train of thought but not sure it justifies the price tag.  It doesn't fit in with Resolution 6: Frugal financially.....argggghhhh! I could even make a fab case to with I don't have enough to do.  Even so I will find a way to make you mine! Oh yes. The CD pile has generated £20 and if I sell enough of the toy stock online that would cover it.......I'm off to check my listings.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Have nothing in your House.......

I did a project on William Morris for my graphics course at college.  I love William Morris and the pre-Raphaelites movement.  Whilst searching for decluttering inspiration I came across one of his well known quotes:

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

You can even get a fabulous print from the V & A museum to adorn your walls and remind you of your mission.  I might just stretch to this or maybe I can come up with a print myself.....

I think two broken laptops are definately not useful so I took them to have their hard drives rescued and otherwise they will be consigned to laptop heaven. I also have a collection of three non working cameras and one more bag of clothes to go although I still feel I have not been sufficiently ruthless. I have done a quick and dirty sort out of my fabrics and ribbons but will be returning to them in due course.  I think I will have to term this my first assault on the house, the second wave will have to be a fine tuning exercise....

Next stops are: three boxes of paperwork and books from my PGCE course (7 years ago!); all bathroom  related items which fill two drawers and have escaped all over the upstairs;  two big boxes of brand new toys from when I ran an online toy shop and a corner of the bedroom that attracts stuff.....

Two boxes or bags left in the dark together constitutes a clutter breeding programme.  How else do you explain how this stuff seems to multiply?

Friday, 20 January 2012

Baby Olivia has arrived!

Yes I know two posts in two days! But after the last one I had the call to say my Sister in law had had baby Olivia, and all was well.  This is lovely news as I know she had been anxious about  the birth.  This means I may have to put aside the decluttering (I'm not sure thats possible, the house is a complete state with clothes and boxes pulled out from every room!). But here are my probable makes for baby.....

I have a pattern for some cute booties that I brought from etsy

I like the idea of this 'date of birth' onsie and I think some animal appliqued onsies.....seahorses are particularly poignant for her.....

And so she doesn't feel left out something for her big sister

 I like these (filled with beans/rice) but was originally planning some flat numbers that she could hang on a line like those from here

As usual, I'll be run off my feet trying to complete this little lot, but we will see. 

In the mean time, big congratulations to the family and lots and lots of love. It it such a wonderful time and I remember it with so, so fondly with Little E, treasure every minute xxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Progress on resolutions!

 JJ has disappeared off to work in Crewe and Little E and me are adjusting to a new routine.  The new routine has its unexpected positives, I now get the train to work which means on Mondays and Tuesdays I have 45 minutes uninterrupted reading twice a day (luxury!). Currently I am reading 'The Happiness Project', more about that later I expect.. On arriving in town I get to run a mile and a half to work (ok not far but a start!).  So now I don't have to worry about where I can squeeze in some exercise.  This is a good thing as I am now committed to a 10k run at the Botanic Gardens on 29th April. I also bravely weighed myself  this morning *ahem* 12 and a half stone.

Clutter busting continued in earnest over the weekend with ten black bags of clothes and papers leaving the house for new homes/the tip/recycling centre. It is madly addictive and I don't want to stop now I have started. Does the house look any different following this forcible ejection of life sapping junk? Thats a big no.  But surely sooner or later with persistent weeding out of unloved, unused and unwanted possessions has to have an effect. I remain positive. In the words of Anthony Robbins I am taking 'massive action` on this goal! Last night  I filled two charity bags with more clothes, (suits, dresses, tops) I was a bit dismayed by quite the number of exercise clothes I have. Getting rid of these seems to be a sticking point so I am revisiting that this morning....they remind me of various charity races I have done but as the last was in 2006 they have definately seen better days.  Perhaps they remind me of some of my favourite achievements too - the Great South Run, the London Marathon....But these are past glories and I am supposed to be making room in my life for the new. So with gritted teeth its up the stairs I go.

I have a dream....source

A thing of beauty! Source

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The resolutions...

Finally, Here are the resolutions!

1. Not eat biscuits for breakfast : 8 bourbons is not  a nutritionally perfect breakfast.

2. Stop biting my nails.
Seriously. You are 40. Stop it.


3. The next three are all in the same vein, lets file them under 'Health and fitness'
  • Lose 10lbs by March (2012!)
  • Stop buying clothes a size too small (It only adds to the clutter, see below)
  • Take 30 minutes exercise 3 x a week

This isn't from a standing stop, I do walk with little E into the village and to the beach twice a week already but I would like to start running again, perhaps the goal is a little 10k race.

4. Make time to be peaceful and crafty!

Sewing is my meditation (when not under pressure to complete a project). Too much of my 'craft' time is related to snatched surfing of the net and adding to a list of growing projects I would like to do.....stop surfing, start sewing. This is tied into a number of things , not least Little E getting into a solid routine and staying in bed of an evening. And me turning off the telly. Thats probably a resolution on its own. In fact....

5. Less TV for Little E ands Me. More activities!
TV has crept in a lot more in the last three months, partly me being so busy/tired with Little E's erratic sleeping habits.  I don't like it and it doesn't make me feel great. So more swimming, artwork, cooking! We do make use of the beach regularly (as my blogs pics show! But our once a week cooking has hit the skids and the paints haven't been out since before Christmas )  I found some great blogs to help me with activities

6. Make frugal my financial watchword.
Yes I know, yawn. But nonetheless a combined effort with JJ to finally nail down the finances.

7. Clutterbust on a weekly basis
I've been reading a book called 'Clutter busting' by Brooks Palmer.   The way this guy tells it the people he helps declutter have a Road to Damascus style of realisation where they appear younger and instantly more vigourous as a result of seeing the light and clearing their clutter.  I had to stifle a guffaw and suspend disbelief when he talked about how your cat/dog can internalise your clutter and be ill as a result but hey, what do I know? And maybe when he said they 'internalise your clutter' he actually meant they eat it which could, of course, make them ill. But in all seriousness, I don't know if too much clutter keeps you mired in the past.  I like to think a new future awaits me if I conquer the clutter but actually just being able to find my keys would be nice.

Is 7 too many?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people! I hope you had a wonderful time. We did, with my Brother and Sister in law, it was quiet (aside from the toddler mayhem), but as SIL is 38 weeks pregnant we had to keep a lid  on the hi-jinxs! I love, love, love New Year, the idea of new starts and washing the old away to make way for the new. Hurray! I can finally be the organised, thin, happy person I was born to be! What a relief . I can cast aside the slummy mummy mantle!

The above probably covers it, but me and JJ did spend some time on the journey back from the New Forest compiling our New Years resolutions.  There was serious talk of making our goals 'specific' and 'measureable' whilst Little E snored away on the back seat. I will summarise them shortly and am considering making them into artwork for the wall so we can keep our eyes on the prize so to speak. No laughing please. Now is not the time for reminding me I have set some of these resolutions several years running.  Now is the time for rallying cries and optimism.It is also the time for finishing off the cakes and biscuits from Christmas.  That particular resolve regarding weight loss starts next Monday.......I mean it.

Once more into the breach dear friends! Once more!