Monday, 30 January 2012

Resolute Monday: Music clutter & Nik naks

I have been distracted by the idea of decluttering my CDs and I figured there must be a better way to make use of this unit.  It is usually pretty full of my CDs but I am having a sort though and hoping to make a few pennies via Music Magpie.  I remember someone saying you should never get rid of any of your music collection, it is sacrilege.  But if you haven't listened to something in ten years what does that tell you? And you can always download these days, JJ prefers to have a CD in his hands but I love downloading. Anyway,  this unit has always annoyed me.  The shelves are too deep for CDs really and today I found some fab boxes that are just the right size to fit the shelves and be home to assorted nik naks that are homeless - envelopes, scissors, sellotape, etc...because decluttering is half the battle and finding a place for everything to live is the other half.

I thought maybe the boxes looked a bit dark , but with the jazzy labels I think it looks Ok. I know the labels are wonky, my haste to complete this part of the project. It's a bit sad but I keep going into the room to look at it.

I've been utterly gripped by another idea today.  I went onto Amazon to buy a book and (not for the first time) saw an advert for a kindle.  JJ even offered to get me one for Christmas and I declined.  Couldn't see the attraction, the books are cheaper to download but not always significantly so. Now I want one! Really badly.....also not buying any more novels would not add to the clutter, you can follow my train of thought but not sure it justifies the price tag.  It doesn't fit in with Resolution 6: Frugal financially.....argggghhhh! I could even make a fab case to with I don't have enough to do.  Even so I will find a way to make you mine! Oh yes. The CD pile has generated £20 and if I sell enough of the toy stock online that would cover it.......I'm off to check my listings.

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