Monday, 16 April 2012

Real Nappy Week

It's Real Nappy Week!

It has been a while since I brought any new fluff,  Around Christmas the nappies I had began to not quite cut the mustard on Little E at night.  I reasoned that I had done over two years of real nappies and Little E would surely be potty trained soon so why spend out on more fluff. Although actually at one time buying new fluff was serious retail therapy for me, sad I know but other fluffy bum mums probably understand.

Why use Fluff? For me it was partly environmental and partly money related.  The Local Authority gives a big cheque to you if you go the fluffy bum route  to enable you to get started with fluff. I also read a study that had suggested a possible link between disposable nappies and male infertility. Only suggested a possible link mind you, but none the less, that is a bit scary. I would be suprised if the big multi national nappy producers didn't get together and bring their financial might to obliterate that study with studies of their own.  Don't get me wrong I am not averse to using disposable nappies.  After our first holiday with Little E lugging an entire case full of fluffy nappies to the Isle of Wight and a pretty stinky case of nappies back I decided high days and holidays would be undertaken with disposables.

Our beautiful nappies!
Revisiting my reasons for using washable nappies made me start using them again last week after a three month abstinence.  I am now thinking that I should invest in some proper night time washable nappies because even if by some miracle Little E is fully potty trained by next week it is unlikely he will be out of night time nappies for quite a long time. My personal favourite nappies are itti bittis (up to about a year old anyway, lovely neat nappies) and then Blueberry nappies which are near perfect but at £19.99 a nappy not the cheapest option.

 There are some great offers at various nappy websites this week so if you are tempted to give them a whirl here are some of my favourites:

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