Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#Pinaddicts no. 5: Jubilee!

Its #pinaddicts time again!  I missed out last month on account of thinking the linky ended Monday and still sewing baby bootees Sunday evening....but this time I am uber-ready for a Jubilee themed Pinaddicts no. 5! So here goes...

 First off, you can't have a Jubilee without a crown.

My version

I added some red felt 'jewels' to the crown and pink felt for a second one for my neice's little one (Little B).  I fancied adding some colourful buttons too but I could see JJ looking sideways at me....he thinks some of my 'makes' are a bit girly sometimes. The pin links to a tutorial which is easy to follow and includes a template for the crown to print off (or just trace off the screen). The little ones looked so cute in them and they are now a great addition to the dressing up box.

I definitely fancied having a go at a Union Jack cake.  My baking is always a bit hit and miss so this one is a massive cheat using a packet mix and Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting.  The mix is a Tesco Celebration cake complete with butter icing mix (discarded) and dolly mixtures for decoration (scoffed).  It even comes with its own baking tray (handily flag shaped) which I attempted to remove for display purposes but found I don't own anything else suitable to put an oblong cake on and to be honest it was about 5 minutes before the family arrived for a lunchtime barbecue and I was still padding about in my PJs so presentation went out of the window a bit. Plans to add a glaze to the blueberries similarly went awry.

I probably could have spent more time arranging the stawberries and blueberries for a more exacting finish.  It tasted good to me (not that I have a very discerning palate, but  little B  ate three helpings so it must have been ok).

Little E's Jubilee cakes.  There are several Jubilee cupcakes on Pinterest that we pinned and that inspired us to purchase flags, red, white and blue sprinkles and sugar paper butterflies patterned with the Union Jack.  In truth I found the ones most like ours after we had made them.  There aren't many decorated with hundreds and thousands - am I right in thinking these are no longer the height of cake decorating sophistication?   Sugar and E numbers, whats not to love?! Little E did a great job although when I went off to make dinner (taking the cakes with me to put away) he managed to eat the rest of the sprinkles I had overlooked, the result being a very blue lower face which gave him a five o' clock shadow and a Desperate Dan kind of look.

The finished article

And lastly I'm including this one because it fits with our Jubilee makes but doesn't relate to a pin. Our Jubilee flag, painted using hands, feet, rollers and brushes and anything else that took Little E's fancy and then glued and taped together to make our window display.

Thats it, Jubilee makes over! Head over to Simply Outnumbered to check out all the other lovely #Pinaddicts projects this month and get inspired.